Gingerbread cookies

Merideeee 🙂

Crunchy leaves fall to the ground

Fuzzy socks on my feet

Sweet smells drifting through the air

Orange pumpkins sitting on porches

Pumpkin spice all around

Grey clouds fill the sky

Warm feelings coursing through my body

Shivers rake my body as the cold wind blows

Memories engraved into my heart and mind as the    

Gingerbread cookies bake inside the happy homes on

the block

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End of summer


Dakota sits on a black and red and white Honda 70cc dirt bike, looking out over the city. He is looking down the hill. It’s the end of summer, around noon. white clouds float across the  blue sky as Dakota rides  by  oak trees and over  small rocks, It’s high up. He sees his dad and mom and brothers, and he revs. The kid pulls up beside Dakota and asks, “Do you know more trails?”

“Yeah.”  They take off super fast down the hill. They ride. Dakota shows him some new trails and jumps at Diamond Mill, a dirt bike and atv’s place.

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cold wind

blowing against

my skin



on my hair





Gray weather

a black cat


halloween kids

run out into the streets

in costumes

ringing people’s doorbells and getting candy

During the fall i mostly

smell cinnamon

rich sweet desserts

When i think of fall

i think of rain and staying inside

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The black cat



The black cat arched her back                  

At the rottweiler that just approached her

From the alley behind the  house

The cat turned her head

it saw the dog

The cat lunged at him

claws out

Her kittens hid in the alley

meowing for their mother and they

Smelled hot dogs cooking in front of them. One of them

Was black like its mother the second one has a calico like

Pattern and the third is brown with black stripes.

The mother cat took a swipe at the dog.

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The Ocean



She’s at the beach

near the water’s edge.

Above her the sky

was a cloudless dark blue.

In front of her sat the ocean,

the golden sun just barely on the horizon.

The smell of the salty water surrounded her senses,

calming her mind as it mixed with the smell of sand.

she gently placed her hand on the warm sand,

slowly burying her fingers into it.

she relished in the calming sounds

as she watched the rolling waves.

The further she dug her hand,

the colder the sand became.

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