Portland Nights


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Portland Nights

get cold

and scary at night

but she kept me together

as I did for her

crickets chirping

in their untimely harmony

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It was a dark

perfect fall night

You could see the red

and orange leafs

slowly falling from the trees

The smell of a warm house fire

was in the air

So strong

you could almost taste it

You could feel the cold breeze

on your back

while walking down the long sidewalk

You  could hear the water

trickling down the trees

like there was loud music

playing behind you.

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water places



Tamolitch blue pool

Alyssa presses her bare foot

in the warm sand.

Alyssa smell fresh air

the water is blue and clear.

Tress all over the place

rocks too.

families and friends having a blast.

Wearing bathing suits.

There’s a beautiful blue sky.

On her skin

cold and warm water.

Alyssa smells nature pine needles

Splash water with friends

smiles and laughter.

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summer days



In the sky

the bright sun

and birds flying

Bright lights


and people

places to shop

and eat

tall buildings

random people

wearing summer clothes


tank tops

and summer dresses

Alyssa hears traffic

and people talking

Alyssa feels relaxed

and happy

the ground dirty

the concrete warm


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   Memory story  

                            Made by Primrose

Jem is looking

at the red panda

in the Sacramento zoo.

the sky is grey

and murky.

The ground

is smooth.

the main sound is

animals speaking.

The other sound is

distant Water.

Jem smells

nature’s garden

of Spring eve.

The weather is

very chilly.

As the memory fades.

Jem feels at peace and is happy.

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crater lake 2004



Water by Tanner

Steve smells

the asphalt

under his bare feet

He steps off the pavement

to the rock edge

of the cliff.

The sun above.

The waves

Crash below.

He smells salty air.

It’s cold and rocky.

He sips the warm water

in his plastic bottle, and

he can still taste the bacon

from this morning.

Steve hears the crows

flap across the blue sky

He jumps off the cliff

And belly flops

into the cold water.

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